Junior Members

Alanna Peters: Third year alto, Alanna, is known for her undeniable stage presence and solo work. On top of that, she is the award-winning choreographer for Vocal Point thanks to her dance background. She is also the Communications Manager of the group, and helps book many of our events. The natural leader pushes Vocal Point to be the best it can, and keeps everyone motivated to keep improving. Alanna keeps busy as a host at a local diner, as well as  being involved in Grease, where she played Rizzo. After high school, she plans on continuing into the professional music industry.

 Hunter Mason: Starting off in G-E-T's Out of the Blue his sophomore year, the baritone moved up to Vocal Point last year. Hunter is one of the biggest personalities in the group, and never misses the chance to make a joke and get everyone laughing. Hunter keeps busy with wrestling and baseball, as well as working at the local resturaunt. He was also involved in Grease where he played Johnny Casino.  Hunter is currently planning on going into the music business industry after high school.

McKenzie Mahlum: Entering her third and final year of Vocal Point, McKenzie is already helping lead us in the right direction. Known for her incredible belting range, the now soprano has been a key part to Vocal Point's success in the ICHSA's last year with her "Outstanding Soloist Award". Mckenzie is a powerful vocalist, and keeps getting better every year. Aside from Vocal Point, she is in Jazz Band, Golf, powerlifting, and was in Grease this past summer. 

Nick Salzwedel: Going into his third year of Vocal Point, the senior baritone is "excited out of his mind". He feels like this year will be yet again an amazing experience. Nick has one of the biggest hearts in the group and always is looking out for everyone.  He keeps busy with a schedule packed with AP classes as well as working at the local Gordy's Market. After High School he plans on going into nursing.

Madi Brenenen: The second year alto, Madi, is beyond excited to see what this year holds. Madi is another one of the kindest girls you could meet. She is always smiling and making new friends at the events we go to. She is one of the most outgoing members of the group and is great at making everyone welcome in the group. She is known among the other members as one of the best sight-readers, and can read music with ease. Music is a main focus in her life, whether it be Vocal Point or G-E-T's Jazz Band.

Derek Dobbs: If there was one word to describe Derek, "performer" would be it. Going into his second year of Vocal Point, the tenor is one of the biggest showmen in the group, and is well known for showing his raw and authentic emotion to audiences like no one else. He is also a part of the award-winning Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School's Jazz Band, and also was in the 2017 summer musical Grease. He plans on continuing his musical career into college as a music major. 

Hailee Correa: Arguably the strongest and most animated perfomer in the group, it is clear on stage that Hailee is loving every moment of her second year in Vocal Point. Hailee sings Alto in the group, but she doesn't just sing. She is well known for her rapping capabilities, and has had to use her MC skills two years in a row. She has also started to choreograph some of our songs this year, along with helping manage the group. Hailee was involved in Grease the past summer, and loves to participate in many of the local performing activities. Hailee is beyond excited to see what the group will be capable of, and feels so lucky to have Vocal Point be within her life.

Carter Bennett: ​Primarily known for his high tenor vocals and falsetto, Carter is loving his second year of Vocal Point more and more with every performance. Within the past year, he has been working on becoming a stronger soloist and leader within the group, and its been slowly coming together. Carter is the videographer of the group, and makes all of our commercials and videos on facebook. Aside from Vocal Point, he was involved with Grease where he played the role of Danny Zuko. He also runs Cross Country and plays baseball.

Paul Schacherl: ​Going into his second year, Paul is our bass. He had some huge shoes to fill coming in last year. Having to sing bass all on his own, he has been doing an extraordinary job. If you have seen Vocal Point live, you have definitely heard Paul's signature bass drops and power base lines that shake the venues we perform at. His leadership continues off stage as well, as he is known for his pranks and humor that keeps us all entertained. Aside from Vocal Point, he plays trumpet in the Jazz Band and runs Cross Country. He also was involved in Grease this past summer where he played Kenicke, as well as many of the other school's productions.

Senior Members